At Kibo Properties our goal is to make the selling, buying and renting of Real Estate a faster, less costly and easier experience, in short – a pleasure, rather than a pain.

We believe that we will get there on the strength of our innovative approach, honesty, integrity, dedicated professionalism and the unsurpassed quality of our customer service.

Some of our real estate services include selling, leasing, maintenance, property management, etc.

We are in association with a Managing agent company which broadens the scope of the services we offer.

You'll do better - because Kibo's relationship focuses on the provision of management support and admin services to the Body Corporate and Trustees to achieve and comply with the Requirements and guidelines of the Act(s).

Select Service Packages and Management Models to support you, from Levy Administration, Full Service Pre-Paid electricity admin to our in-house Debt Collection Service, our range of services is second to none.