About Kibo Properties

The name, Kibo, was derived from the highest free standing mountain in the world, which is Kilimanjaro. The mountain consists of three volcanoes of which Kibo is the highest. The symbolism can be seen in the logo where the mountain is graphically shown on top of the name. The name, Kibo, stands for reaching for the highest and the best in everything we do.

Our agents are loyal, strong people who want to work, like to work, and are productive. At Kibo we strive to help each agent to reach their potential as real estate professionals and to help them build significant passive income revenue streams. We want to enable each agent to make more money in less time while exceeding the expectations of home buyers and sellers. We understand that by supporting our employees with a dynamic work environment, ongoing training, performance based recognition and opportunities for advancement, our business will continually succeed. We believe that by encouraging personal and professional growth, our employees will exceed their expectations – with the benefits being realized by all.

Our experience has taught us that the best real estate sales businesses employ sales teams with specialized administrative support. That's why our administrative personnel are screened and employed with great care. We track all our leads and put them in a database and make use of a follow –up system. We have a pro-active approach and anticipate the market. Whatever we do, we focus on the consumer benefits we provide.

Some of our core values are to demonstrate uncompromising integrity in all things at all times. Our collective organizational reputation is our single most valuable asset.

Our clients' interests supersede our interests.

One of our company rules is to respect everyone we work with: our clients, other agents, our co-workers and the general public. The rule is to treat everyone the way you would want to be treated.

We would rather under-promise and over-deliver. We strive to demonstrate professionalism in all things at all times and to elevate those around us with complete commitment to excellence. We want to be the best and never want to settle for less.